Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Video on DGW (Duoyuan Global Water Inc.)

Here's a video from thestreet.com that has a guy on who says DGW could go to $30. That is my initial target here then maybe $32 which would make a round 100% gain from the IPO price.

DGW broke through recent IPO highs today and then had a cliff dive into the close in some weird action in the final minutes. Nevertheless, there is often a lot of money that can be made buying the opening range (low to high prices in the early weeks of a hot IPO) breakout (when it breaks to an all time high). Not sure what to make of the final minutes of trading as it broke out then broke back down and then had a print 70 cents below the last trade I saw as the closing price. DGW could continue to see momo (momentum) money jump on as it only has a 5 million share float with China water sex appeal to boot.

Again, this is more of a momentum play than a current fundamental play - so set stops accordingly. However, CYOU is a recent China IPO that caught momo fever.

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