Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Breakfast and Now Lunch Bites

Here are some quick breakfast bites (links) I am reading this morning/afternoon that you may have missed:

Black Swan Fund Makes Inflation Bet

Troubled Bank Loans Hit a Record High

Insurers buying gold
- new link since this morning

Obama's hedge funds latest investment

GM into bankruptcy - Market up over 1% pre-market (after the mysterious late Friday burst) as the bulls and friends look to break the recent trading range to the upside.

Also, CSCO and TRV into the DOW 30 and GM and C out. Sorry AAPL - wonder if AAPL gets nicked as lots of folks were "hoping" for AAPL (at 137 now) - not in this market.

I will add some more links I am reading this evening to this post - so stay tuned. Also, I will be posting my thoughts on GM this evening (I am from Detroit so I have to drop some thoughts on Government Motors here and they may surprise you!)

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  1. doesn't look like there is any stopping the bulls as they are ripping shorts this AM, right at the 200 EMA here on the S&P (which is also near other resistances - so if bears take a stand I would say they do it here)... one strange thing to me is the VIX is pretty steady here despite the rally.


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