Thursday, June 4, 2009

UNG (Natural Gas) - Alert

Huge volume reversal today in the UNG after inventories hit and natty got ripped lower. UNG has already traded the most volume in it's history today. Natty is a volatile one, but if it finishes green could be a the bottoming tail with volume that could lead to an actual change in trend (from down to up). However, UNG plays by its own rules.

I added to my natty position this morning on the spike lower ($13.50-$13.65). Stops are set below 52 week lows for now.


  1. also of note GS up near 150 - one of the only banks not to raise more capital recently thru issuances... if they are going to do it - I bet it would be here.

  2. lots of volatility in UNG before the open as high as $15 now at $14.1 - she's a wild one that's for sure. makes it difficult to stomach if you play with size, therefore, i suggest you don't because you will trade worse when playing too big on volatile issues. trust me on that.

  3. NG is clearly a buy without any doubt. UNG is the way to play it. Do it, comeback here in 3 months. You'll simply double your asset. That is it.


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