Saturday, June 13, 2009

More thoughts on UNG

From Bespoke Investment Group ( I would note oil to nat gas ratio is around 20 right now while history says it is usually around 10) - you do the math:

While you wouldn't expect it from the price of natural gas, trading in the natural gas ETF (UNG) has recently become extremely active. For much of the last few years, investors who wanted exposure to energy related commodities bought USO. Over the last several weeks, however, investors have been increasingly flocking to natural gas. Over the last 50 trading days, the total dollar value of trading in UNG has risen to 77% of the dollar volume in USO, and it is up over 900% from levels we saw in March (7.6%). For all the new buyers of UNG, if only the price of natural gas could follow suit.

Also, check these articles:

Here's one I added late on the problems with commodity ETF's and the rolling issue - talks specifically about UNG

I am long UNG

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  1. Iam planning on taking long position in UNG early next week. Agree with your posting, looks good here.



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