Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mentioned buying OIH today on yesterday's posts

Well, it ran away from me this morning and I should have entered yesterday before the close. Bad timing by me - especially since I felt the market may pop this morning and maybe into month-end / quarter-end as we often do.

Oh well... missed opportunity because I would have probably taking 1/2 off at $1 profit and swung the rest with a stop at entry - but that's all theoretical now.

Morning update: OIH coming back now so that to some extent invalidates my thesis so I probably will just back away as I am a little confused as to how weak it is relative to the market. I generally don't do well trading relative weakness although I still long would be the way to go if trading it. And I should have bought the pullback - boy, I am confusing myself on this one and I haven't even entered a position!

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