Sunday, June 7, 2009

A quick recap of my week in trading and prices on my entries

As you know if you have read the first post on my blog and follow my material I have the following positions. Here I have added my entries (green/red based on if I am positive or negative on the trade):

Long GLD - average purchase price of $80.66
Long GDX - average price $31.01
Long SLV - average price 11.27

Long DBA - average price $25
Long USO Jan 2010, 35 calls - average price $4.25

Long UNG - average price $13.88 (added this week at $13.5-13.6)

Short TLT - average price $117.97

Long TBT - average price $39.50

Short SPY - average price $92.09 (sold some more short Friday morning at $95.29, of which I kept half of that add on for the longer term)
Short QQQQ - average price $34.80

I also sold a small amount of June USO 40 calls on Friday to pick up a little income as I think there is a possibility of oil to steady out for a week or so.

I have several smaller cap names I own, but for this blog I am going to keep it to the more macro names. Maybe in the future I will add a small cap section.

Check back later for stocks/etfs I am watching for entries.

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