Monday, June 15, 2009

UNG ripping, other commodities / stocks dipping

More on this and how things are playing out today exactly as I mentioned on this blog last week later this evening. I will also talk about how I got this stuff right and still didn't capitalize on it like I should have.

Also taking a shot at a swing long in SLV (still have my core piece on) here at 13.93 (which corresponds to the 50 day EMA) - stop on this trading piece under 13.5. Not huge size since I already have exposure on this trade.

1:20 pm post trade on SLV update - moving stop up, not liking the PM action $13.74 and we'll concede - 2:44 update - a strong close $14+ keeps me in and a close below I sell off the add from today but keep my core position. closed the swing position in SLV into the close. not a fan of sitting on swing positions that close at the low the day the day of initiation.

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