Sunday, June 21, 2009

General Rant of the Day

How in the world can hotels in this day and age have garbage wi-fi internet connections? Besides making my blood boil to temps hotter than a Playboy centerfold, my hands start shaking like a crack head in rehab from withdraw when I get that damn message about "unsuccessful connection" and "diagnose the problem". At this point I lose all sanity and continually reboot the computer and hit connect 200 times more always getting the same result, but each time thinking I have fixed the problem by moving around the hotel room or hitting the mouse button a little harder than the previous attempt. I think that is the definition of insanity. My point being make sure your hotel has a strong wifi connection before going and don't trust their website - especially if you are an active trader... because watching the market off of the Blackberry is not all that fun.

This rant originates from my recent trip to a hotel where the internet was about as reliable as the advice from most peoples' stock brokers...

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