Monday, June 29, 2009

Not a lot I am seeing out there again today

Not going to be overactive in this market right now as I don't really feel I have an edge and it seems pretty choppy. The kind of market you could easily churn your account in. I guess end of quarter window dressing may give the market an upside bias but I am not making any trades to support that thought process. And strangely the bond market and the stock market again are both finding buyers at the same time.

Update on current positions of note: TBT swing long trying to stay above my stop slightly under 50. I can see TBT being a max frustration trade for me and knocking the stops out under 50 and then heading back north immediately - but we'll see.

DGW up early but that thing is volatile so doesn't mean a whole lot - would like to see a strong close there. Seems like $24 is pretty stiff resistance right now.

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