Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We have an "It's all good!" stock market

Whatever happens - "It's all good!"

Unemployment at 10% and getting worse - It's all good!

Market up 60% in a few months - It's all good!

Dollar going to shit - It's all good!

Gold through the roof - It's all good!

Foreclosures at all-time highs - It's all good!

Banks failing left and right - It's all good!

FDIC is broke - It's all good!

Government spending out of control - It's all good!

Low analyst estimates and company's beating - It's all good!

Valuations well above normal depending on any metric you look at - It's all good!

Consumers have no money and can't borrow - It's all good!

Feel free to add your "It's all good!" comments in the comments.

But first go buy some stock... and enjoy some MC HAMMER with the message of the day "It's all good" and I think the bulls are doing this dance lately as well!


  1. oil at $75 - it's all good

    JPM beats as expected now the bulls can go crazy

  2. will retail sales kill the rally at 8:30?

  3. retail sales better than expected - you knew that was coming! market actually not moving up much on that beat though... are we at buyer exhaustion yet? when does the game of musical chairs end? 1100, 1200 S&P? based on the action today I think we will have an idea if we have a lot of upside in this rally.

  4. RINO up above 27 premarket - i have gotten paid by this stock

  5. you think analyst estimates are too low? every major company reporting earnings beat estimates today. now no need to look at valuations - just look at if they beat, right?

  6. start the countdown to dow 10k... surely the bulls have to touch that today.

  7. the dollar destruction continues and this certainly is helping this rally continue...

  8. nice 3-4 pm rush again for the longs

    again, god bless you if you have the guts to buy for the long term at these levels

    for trade - ok, but longer term not so sure...

    will be eyeing shorts the rest of the week

  9. will the market players cooperate and save "the franchise" known as GS prior to options expiration?


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