Friday, October 9, 2009

The TBT long from yesterday works briliantly - maybe a new swing

The TBT long from yesterday has worked for over $2. This is the ultra short long term US treasury. Clearly looks like a trend change in long term bonds after yesterday's auction. If you follow this blog you know I am already short a core position in long term UST's.

A new possible swing today I am looking at is the VXX (currently at $47.35). Basically, an ETF that tracks the VIX ("fear gauge") of the market. Note: this ETF isn't perfect from a tracking perspective and is not a long term hold.

CDC just said swine flu epidemic in the US so volatility could return. However, the market is testing highs after the release?


  1. feels like i should add to my short index plays but will not because the bullishness has been to strong lately

  2. never got the VXX Friday but taking a shot here at 46


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