Friday, October 2, 2009

Buying some trading shares in RINO (RINO International) this morning

Stock has sold off from almost $22 yesterday to $18 this morning (premarket). 10 DMA is a little below $18.

Remember this Company will work in any economic environment because China has mandated that their customers install RINO's systems. Also, if you net the $2 a share in cash out of RINO's stock price @ $18 you have a forward PE of 7.5. Someone in the comments section suggested a $150 stock price for RINO in 3 years! I guess that would only put the market cap at $3.75 billion so that's not that huge... Discuss that idea in the comments section below?

By the way maybe I should change the blog to the RINO blog since that's all I have been writing about...


  1. this morning swoosh should wash away most of the weak holders and stops... if the market can stabilize I like RINO to close green. that may be a big IF but we are around the 50 DMA on the major averages

  2. RINO could be #1 this week in the IBD 100 as FUQI has fallen down and has a lower relative strength than RINO (assuming RINO holds up here)

  3. $150 would be nice. I think you could see $80.

  4. nice trade by me. up over $2 (10%) in a hour or so...

  5. Honest Trader:

    From theflyyonthewall: RINO International named a new Buy by Cabot China newsletter

    Don't forget that RINO's CEO believes his company will have a market cap of $15 Billion in a few years. This is why I am fairly confident about my earlier prediction. I also want to reiterate that I would not be surprised if the stock were going to $200.

    I hope you have noticed that TRIT and DGW were also up today. Leadership in this bull market will come in part from this sector. RINO and DGW will be the leaders.

  6. yes - i owned DGW from the IPO and sold some to rotate into RINO because of better valuation

  7. No, I don't know what the letter said. I just saw that on theflyonthewall. Sorry. If I find out, I will let you know.

    I hope you got my email.


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