Thursday, October 8, 2009

If it's not the dollar - BUY IT

Dollar down, everything else up - even treasuries? what?

This will work until it doesn't and could end badly.

That said the short play is clearly loaded so a-squeezing we will go...

wish i would have waited for a retest of highs before committing short, now I may get stopped and watch us reverse down. so my gut was wrong on that short - it happens, possibly take the loss and move on...

my long precious metals positions are up nicely but my shorts are cutting into gains.

thinking about swinging a TBT long.


  1. not a great 30 year auction for t-bonds today

  2. get ready for the talking heads to start talking about our strong dollar policy while them keep rates at zero and flood the world with dollars...

  3. up over $2 on the TBT swing...........nice


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