Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feels like there are real sellers out there today

Volume up

GS downgraded by Whitney - What Government Sachs downgraded? That's legal?

JNJ beat on lower sales and tax rate

CSCO announces dilutive acquisition

Let's see how they close this market ahead of earnings that will need to be great to keep this momo flowing... Banks weak early, Naz stronger early...

Will this be the the day buying the dip gets you burnt? Probably not as buyers will surely come in and squeeze us green, right?


  1. VXX buy from yesterday working brilliantly

  2. midday and here come the bulls - let's see if they can ignite the squeeze

  3. bulls again say - get long or be wrong to the shorts... gold rallying again

  4. 3 o'clock dinner bell ringing - time for the bulls to start buying again

  5. 3 o'clock Happy Hour all stocks no matter the price are on sale (at least in the bulls eyes)

    INTC after the bell, JPM tomorrow.

    both should beat but what will be the reaction?

  6. INTC beats the street as expected

    still numbers are way down from a year ago but beating estimates is what it's about even if the stock is higher than where it was a year ago...

    eventually this game will end but the bulls want to party for awhile longer I guess...

  7. SPY to new yearly highs post market - will they stick?

    we could just go nuts upwards after JPM beats tomorrow... longs have the appetite and shorts are getting destroyed!!!

    QQQQ's are not to new highs yet - which seems odd with intc reporting tonight but making sense is not part of the market these days... it's just a hit the buy button kind of market... and i have have lost a few times hedging my longs with shorts. still, as a trader i am managing risk and those trades made sense to me. still if i had left myself unhedged I would have done better in reality. will be looking for a short again in the future here... 1100...maybe 1120 on the S&P? if we get to 1120 area I will take a large short position for more than a swing or hedge.

  8. U.S. businesses reduced their inventories at the fastest pace on record in August even as sales were higher, the Commerce Department reported Wednesday. Business inventories fell 1.5%, matching the largest percentage decline ever recorded in the 17-year history of the data. Inventories also fell 1.5% in December 2008 and in October 2001.


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