Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do we get confirmation of a move lower today?

Initials claims higher than expected... that will hurt the bull bounce case today


  1. btw only 531k new unemployment claims this week

  2. one note i would make on the big US multi-nationals beating estimates... remember with the dollar drop we have had it is not surprising to see nominal beats in dollars...

    I wonder what the results would look like if the dollar had been steady... someone should do that math

  3. could this be a little early squeezing to clean out the weak shorts grab some more late longs for a flush later today - that would fit the script

  4. 2 strong stock to radar - GS and AAPL

    if these two get faded later today the market will crater

  5. aapl getting faded but financials still holding us up

    i think GS is your market tell today

  6. longs trying to get the squeeze going - it may succeed

    i am surprised here but sticking with shorts with stops at yesterday's highs

  7. if yesterday didn't happen i would think we are setting up for a squeeze into the close - the 3-4 hour will again be telling

  8. well buyer trying to force a squeeze they will either win and run the market up or fail and we could have a last hour like yesterday

    feels like buyers have the edge but if they can get the Nasdaq going they could be in business

  9. bulls pushing us higher - looks like they are going to try to make sure we don't get confirmation to sell/get short

    i am surprised but not that surprised as the bull parade the last few months has conditioned us for nonstop buying

    and now you have a lot of shorts on board from yesterday so the bulls fought threw today and now will certainly squeeze all the shorts out

    still hanging in as I had a great entry yesterday but less enthusiastic about the move down now as longs again have the upper hand

  10. cheers to the bulls - stronger than i thought, let's see how they close it

    msft reports tomorrow - should beat

  11. wow - almost at my stops

    f that - what i made yesterday will be all taken away as the bulls look to get nutty again

  12. this move caught a lot of shorts - bulls will gain confidence from today

    surprising strength from the financials - almost as if someone knows something

    like a government policy is about to be announced

    that said we didn't take out yesterday's highs yet so I am still in my positions but with not much breathing room

  13. earnings blowouts across the board after hours

    AMZN, COF, AXP...

    bulls will get silly tomorrow i bet... i bet my shorts gets taken out tomorrow after MSFT reports


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