Friday, October 23, 2009

It's a "bull" market

MSFT beats big as expected


  1. imagine today will shift sentiment even more bullish which is a warning sign to me but will again look to eye a spot to short - probably not until next week tho as the momo is with the longs

    gold may go to an all time high today

  2. 1120 looks like the next spot I would get short

    a little disappointed the breakdown didn't occur but I bet I had a lot of company shorting that weds. breakdown...

    bought some AMZN at 107 premarket... huge upgrades this morning so going to try to make a few bucks on this... might as well join the long party. i will not take this position home with me tonight

  3. in the end my shorts did not get busted as we did not breach S&P highs in active trading - still might get busted

    amzn is up 4 points quick stop at 110.49

  4. gold got shut down as did the market early AM even on better than expected housing data

    tough market folks

  5. should have stuck with amzn for longer continues to make new highs

  6. amzn 118 - wtf wow

    let's see if the bulls pull the late day magic trick and push us back up

  7. shit AMZN going to the moon - left some money on the table there but still happy with 5% in an hour or so

  8. uh oh - longs losing it here... my shorts are bright green and I thought I was going to get bucked off the short horse this morning...

    but NO and I made money long on AMZN - go figure!

    so after the chop shop do we get some downward follow through next week - as we sit here now I am positioned for that. When the market moves down this much on all good news it's time to sell!

    but thats what i said weds too...


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