Monday, September 28, 2009

RINO roars, RCON posts $1.04 EPS

RINO rips up over $20 after entry into the IBD 100.

RCON posted their year end numbers today which were $1.04 basic EPS and .99 diluted. Stock trades under $10 with 1.7 million float. Company has a conference call tomorrow morning which will be worth listening to. It only has a 1.7 million share float, so if the momos want to run it they certainly could easily. That said, it needs to get more exposure to really get going...


  1. well rcon down AH...

    maybe we go one for two short term here with rino rocking and rcon getting hit...

    i think rcon numbers are pretty good, less than I expect but next years forecast look OK and the company has $2.5 in net cash per share so I think this company still can work near term... if it dips into the 8's I think you can safely buy because RCON is worth more than its share price to an acquirer just for the relationships it has in CHina

  2. RCON getting ripped premarket on the earnings confusion. at $8 the stock looks pretty cheap to me but you may want to wait until the dust settles although with this float it may never settle and could rocket up or down quickly.

  3. RCON mentioned dilution coming in 2010 in the CC - I would exit most of your position in RCON

    disappointing as it had potential with better PR management


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