Saturday, September 26, 2009

RINO (Rino International) goes into the IBD 100 at #2

As I said it would a month or so ago if it closed above $15 on any upcoming Friday. RINO will get huge exposure from the IBD (Investor Business Daily) and I see over 700,000 short and its debut is at #2. This could be interesting on Monday expecially if the overall market stabilizes. You can search the blog (mid-right of the page) for more color on RINO.

This has momo, but it's not just a momo stock as its fundamentals indicate higher prices that are substantiated.

The IBD 100 defined:
The IBD 100, which runs every Monday in the IBD newspaper and can be found in the Screen Center on, is a computer-generated ranking of leading companies trading in the U.S. Rankings are based on a combination of each company's recent profit growth record; IBD's Composite Rating, which includes key measures such as return on equity, sales growth and profit margins; and relative price performance in the last 12 months.

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