Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hot stock of the day is TRIT (Tri-Tech Holding), some similarities to our Recon (RCON) and RINO

Tri-Tech Holding, a Chinese company that designs systems to manage and monitor China's municipal sewer systems, natural waterways and resources is up big again today. This is based a newsletter recommendation from what I gather. The company looks interesting. It has aspects of one I really like and have mentioned here - RINO (and also DGW). You can search the blog for that commentary (search box is on the right of the blog about halfway down).

As you know we have owned RCON (Recon Technology) from the $6's and while not in the same business there are a lot of similarities that could spill more momo over to RCON. The companies both have a 1.7 million share float and were both brought public by the same underwriter, both are Chinese. So in a sense RCON may turn into a secondary momo play on TRIT and possibly vice versa eventually. RCON is slightly smaller with less total shares outstanding.

Also, RCON earnings will be out within the next week and a half and I expect north of $1 in EPS.

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