Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RINO (Rino International) Update - IBD 100 Potential Runner

RINO as I have mentioned before should be a top 5 IBD 100 candidate (search blog for my discussion of IBD 100) if it close above $15 on any upcoming Friday (now near $13.5). As you know I re-entered this when in bounced off of its 50 DMA down in the $11 range after taking an initial loss. Does this means RINO gets to $15 this week - by no means. I am simply pointing it out as past IBD entrants have been runners and as always just for entertainment purposes as nothing I say is a recommendation to buy other than for myself (so any time I say pick or recommendation it is simply my personnel decision). I simply blog to share my journey through the markets. Do your own research as that is the only way to invest.

Also, nibbling towards getting back into a full position on RCON before earnings as this has sold down too far prior to earnings imo (although in retrospect I should have sold more on the initial pop to $9.5 - but hindsight is 20/20). If you take out RCON's cash of $2.5 a share the business is "selling" for $3.5 a share which on pro forma earnings (taking the new shares into account) is like a 5-6 current PE and maybe a 3-4 forward PE. Seems way cheap for a growing company and it has 50%+ insider ownership so you know management's interests are aligned. That said, this thing can not find a bid (maybe it needs to sweep the stops at 5.99 before this decent can end).

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