Monday, August 17, 2009


Longs getting murdered / commodities getting murdered / RINO/RCON getting murdered...

at least my short positions are up big, but not overtaking the losses from my long positions in other areas today.

Stopped out of RINO, but may look to re-enter as now the valuation looks really compelling, but hard to fight the tape here. Sorry about that pick...clearly my worst of 09 from a timing perspective. Still, think it goes back over $15 in 09, but my timing was off so I was wrong on that trade.

One thing to remember in this market is take some profits when you have them because in one day or a few days a lot gains can be erased (RINO from almost $18 last week to 11 today - at least I only rode that down for $2. However, a lot of people saw huge gains erased there in a very short period. Tough thing there is it just looks way oversold and sells at 5x forward earnings (and 4.5x if you net out cash). So, at $11 given a 3-6 month time horizon I'd want to be long this.)

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