Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chart of the Market in the Depression and Today - WOW!

Look at the chart below - today's market almost a mirror of 1929-32. If we are going into a similar cycle watch out below because this rally may be near it's end. In fact I laid a small short line on the S&P out today. I will be looking to add if we can have one last exhaustion spike...

Need more evidence..from October 29, 1929 until November 13, 1929, the stock market collapsed 49% (2008's was 52%). The market then staged a 155-day rally of 50%. Today’s rally (starting in March ’09) has lasted 150 days and the market is up an average of 50% (average of Nasdaq, DJIA, and S&P 500). The 1929 market then rolled over and collapsed another 70%. Spooky $hit...

Chart and some commentary from Gains, Pains and Capital.

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