Tuesday, January 19, 2010

well here we go again - market rips higher early

qqqq's have regained basically all the losses inside of 20 mins and SPY well on its way

i tell you you can not short this market regardless right now

throw all history precedent aside and just buy every fricking dip

i still am out of this mess but wish I could just go against my gut and just load the boat long on every dip because there has been serious money made just ripping shorts every dip...


  1. truly amazing to me as i have said before on no news we recoup all losses everyday following a down day either before the market opens or shortly thereafter

  2. i guess you just have to be all-in long

    i mean seems like someone always had the underlying bid in this market so why would you think it would change

    just get long, buy dips and get paid

    forget any other analysis you do

    just buy stock blindly with leverage as you can not lose

    that said, i remain in cash and amazed by the action yet disappointed i am not participating in what seems to be the easiest market in years

  3. are there any shorts still alive out there?

    this looks more and more like i was absolutely wrong and we will not only touch 1150 before 1120 but do it one day after the aggressive selloff

    go figure...

    the trend is your friend has never been truer than the last 10 months

  4. all i can do is shake my head people as i just don't have a read on this market and have not for several months now as we continue to just go up in spectacular fashion as no selling sticks

    i am waiting for a market i can again understand before investing my dollars in it


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