Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The game is fixed - for now

i mean how the F do we rally everyday at the end of the day and then in the early hours of the futures markets on no real news (most of the time)?

why isnt someone asking these questions? i know if we fell everyday into the close or overnight, we would hear all kinds of ruckus about short sellers, manipulation, etc.

2009 has taught me that manipulating markets is fine as long as it helps the majority and no one mainstream asks any tough questions of why strange things are happening or the potential repercussions...

i just feel for the people who are going to lose most of their money again when this wall street / fed / UST shell game ends

i mean look futures on the s&P and Q's already up considerably on top of the late day rally in the last 15 mins - for what reason? cause the PPT is coming into to keep the mirage alive

no one can call themselves an investor anymore at this time - you are either a speculator or not in the market

i firmly believe in 2010/2011 we will have another large decline which i think some will relate to the "outing" of the behind the curtain activities of the FED/UST and will kill many investors confidence in the true fairness of the capital markets

but until then let's ride the long pony and play the easy trends because thats the only way to make money. i have been pretty much sitting on my hands, but i know a lot of people who are just buying the market at times of the day that have worked over and over. that just doesn't sound like a good strategy for me although clearly buying morning/midday dips for afternoon and overnight rips has been the play.

everyone tells me we are going to at least 1200 before this stops but when i ask why? the say because we can't seem to go down - that scares me away.

i will actually state that i think earnings will again be good for this government goosed quarter but i think as we look out further the numbers will disappoint or maybe i am wrong and socialism and government subsidy of everything is the new "capitalism"...

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  1. today is a perfect example of what i am talking about

    buy every dip

    there is always a bid there

    impossible to be short this because you will just get pissed off and do stupid things... i for the life of me cant get into the long side based purely on momo (like everyone else) but long is the only way to make money right now and has proven that to traders for the last 9-10 months.


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