Monday, December 21, 2009

Higher we go...

feels like the bulls are about rip us higher. I actually think they can. Not much else to do except buy dips and not get short I guess.


  1. certainly seems easy for the longs - like artificially easy

  2. even me - who is not convinced of the recovery has to recognize a lot of charts are turning positive and that could force the technicians/computer to go more aggressively long and you don't want to be short that so have to be careful here

    although i still believe the S&P 500 goes below 1000 in 2010 - i may be one of few these days, so maybe i am wrong

    however, bullishness is getting towards extreme levels so if "something" happens that really spooks the market we could go down big, quick

    that said - i don't see an event like that thru the end of the year while bulls press higher for the santa claus rally!

  3. VIX lowest in over a year - complacency or is everything going to be alright in 2010


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