Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gap and Crap?

Market gapping up, but is this a set up fro a "gap and crap" or do we just rocket thru highs the day before Thanksgiving?

Oh, and dollar down and market/gold up again... what else is new?


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  2. and they crush the dollar again and everything else goes to the moon

    this is so easy - why didn't we think of making everyone rich by destroying the dollar before - oh wait, because eventually the US will wake up and realize we are actually poorer on a nominal basis

    but for now - cheers!

  3. financials and short term treasury yields seem to be indicating trouble around the corner but everything else seems to disagree

  4. RINO a many time mentioned stock here ripping to new highs

  5. dollar getting torched - market firing higher

    gold ripping

    nothing to see here - same as everyday

  6. i will tell you it is nearly impossible to short a market in a country where the govt/central bank have no concern on destroying the currency as nominally prices will rise so shorting is basically impossible because you may be right the market is going down but only in real terms not nominal terms - therefore yo will lose in absolute terms

  7. dollar getting destroyed

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....everything else is up!

    US bonds to - no idea what the hell that is about.

  8. 52 week low for the dollar - celebrate

  9. volatility to 15 month lows

    is that complacency?

    do you start to get the feeling everyone is starting to believe in the santa claus rally?

    do we close the year strong? stats probably say we do. plus, it just feels to me like no matter what we will get pinned higher into the new year.

    that said, i am not long.


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