Monday, November 16, 2009

Back from a little break

market still in full go-go mode I see... supported by the dollar continuing it's dump - down another 0.5% this morning... who knew it was this easy to work the stock market up and help the wealthiest people by hurting the poorest...


  1. well as most of my stops were triggered last week on my shorts i will still look to short the market. i imagine today many longer term shorts "gave up"

    maybe 1120 S&P is where i dip my toe in again

    at least my commodities exposure is keeping me afloat (gold, silver, ag, etc.)

  2. HQS trading below book value. RINO is an awesome stock... wish I had held it beyond $20.

  3. the best reason to buy stocks now is the momentum

    and it's hard to fight it here at year end when I am sure the funds will want the market to stay at these lofty levels. maybe shorts will have to take a back seat until the new year or maybe forever as the dollar tumbles to zero

  4. What do you think about TBT? I was thinking of buying at 44.

  5. Safe bet. I would short the long if I could but this is the next best thing. Holding these for the long hull kills returns but the ultras aren't too bad.


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